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collages of the future in the [nospace] gallery

C3 has recently taken over the curation of the [nospace] gallery, right outside of our very own Dynamite Space in Thornes.  We’re kicking it off with an exhibition of the collages created by those who participated in this winter’s Collage of the Future party.  Check it out starting Friday, July 8th.

Guerilla exhibition in the bathrooms of the Boston MFA

As an homage to the historical “Flush With the Walls” protest-exhibition of 1971, a group of Boston artists posted an unexpected, not-exactly-illegal exhibition of contemporary art in the MFA’s bathroom. Read the article here: http://gregcookland.com/journal/2011/06/21/reports-secret-crazy-historic-renegade-art-exhibition-at-mfa/ And the follow-up here: http://gregcookland.com/journal/2011/06/15/update-secret-crazy-historic-renegade-art-exhibition-at-mfa/


  Over the past 25 years, Pleasant Street Video in Northampton has built an impressive film library serving film lovers from all over New England. Whether you prefer documentaries or Doctor Strangelove, Capra or cult classics, the latest from Sundance or films from Hollywood’s golden age, Pleasant St. had your favorites. Sadly, the video store […]

C3’s own Todd Trebour presents Come and Sleep: An Operatic Fantasy for Voice, Cello, and Silence

May 5 marks the premiere of C3 collective member/operatic performance artist Todd Trebour’s experimental opera theatre piece, Come and Sleep: An Operatic Fantasy for Voice, Cello, and Silence, at A.P.E Ltd. Gallery in downtown Noho. A production of Todd’s company, Alchemical Opera Project, Come and Sleep tells the story of a fox who transforms into […]

Eric Hnatow, Northampton’s Masked Man

When I asked Eric Hnatow for an interview, I knew I wouldn’t get a conventional response.  His sense of humor, adventure and anti-establishment are always present in his work and everyday life. Eric has been making electronic music for most of his life. He spent several years working with his brother Tim in HNATIW, put […]

JR: Using Art to Turn the World INSIDE OUT

If you haven’t hear of JR’s work yet, you need to watch this. If you’ve been reading all about him and haven’t seen his TED speech yet, you HAVE to watch this. After you do, C3 wants to know: If you were to participate in JR’s wish, where would you do it, and whose portraits […]

C3 in the press!

This week’s Valley Advocate gave major props to C3 this week, recognizing the Dynamite Space as “an emblem of the shocking dearth of available spaces in the Valley, as well as a tribute to the ingenuity and determination of people to make do in order to make art”.  The article, “Stage Struck- Making Art While […]

music to my eyeballs.

Sometimes I beat up on myself for looking at paintings online more than actually making them myself.  Then I come across an artist like Steve Roden and it’s all worth it.  I’m a sucker for juxtaposed pattern and saturated color.  Steve Roden is an audio and visual artist from Los Angeles.  But you can read […]

BUREAU FOR OPEN CULTURE: Making New Learning Sites – a talk by Jim Voorhies

Bureau for Open Culture is a nomadic institution for the contemporary arts working to intentionally re-imagine the art exhibition as a new kind of learning site by initiating collaborations with art and academic institutions.  Jim Voorhies, director, curator and art historian, will talk about past, current and future work of Bureau for Open culture and […]

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