BUREAU FOR OPEN CULTURE: Making New Learning Sites – a talk by Jim Voorhies

March 7th, 2011  |  by Published in Featured Events

Bureau for Open Culture is a nomadic institution for the contemporary arts working to intentionally re-imagine the art exhibition as a new kind of learning site by initiating collaborations with art and academic institutions.  Jim Voorhies, director, curator and art historian, will talk about past, current and future work of Bureau for Open culture and ways of working within a space of uncertainty to form new engagement with art and its institutions.

Bureau for Open Culture is brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Artists in Context, University Museum of Contemporary Art and C3 (a creative community collective out of Northampton, MA), with major funding from Artists in Context.  Artists in Context works in Boston, Providence RI, Maine and the Pioneer Valley as a flexible organizational framework to support socially engaged art practices.

Visit Bureau for Open Culture online at http://www.bureauforopenculture.org .

Visit the event page here .

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