Teal Van Dyck

Teal Van Dyck believes in moving around our river valley and noticing what he notices. Teal is a poet and storyteller, and writes a neat sonnet. He also builds videos, books, noises, and movements.

Teal’s work deals in dreams of transgressive love and sweeping narratives of New England geology, and also runs coast to coast documenting LGBTQ community and 21st century spiritual identities. Above all, he is an interdisciplinary artist and educator working to champion the dignity of lived experience, chronicle the emergent nature of love through time, and illuminate the dancing cycle of history, truth, and justice.

Teal loves the spirit of innovation and creative camaraderie that C3 awakens in Northampton! Teal lives in Amherst and does some freelance haunting of the old town cemetery, Mount Pollux, and Emily Dickinson’s backyard.