E|MERGE 2013 Open Call: an interdisciplinary artist residency

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CALLING ALL CREATIVES: Performers, Dramaturgs, Musicians, Builders, Puppeteers, Visual Artists, Videographers, Movers, Dreamers and Makers, your skills and creative practice are invited to E|MERGE at Earthdance! 

E|MERGE encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration toward forging new creative relationships, that bridge known and unknown territories.

Residency Dates: February 10-24, 2013

Application Deadline: September 5, 2013

Notification: September 15, 2013

This residency is ideal for those interested in collaborating and cross-pollinating ideas with artists from other disciplines and backgrounds. E|MERGE is a unique residency that has grown organically into a national and international network of highly skilled artists who continue to support and develop one another’s work, beyond the residency itself.

In 2013, we will focus specific attention on the art of collaboration. Initial workshops and round table discussions will engage various strategies, structures, and techniques of collaboration.

Artists-in-Residence participate in one of three types of collaborative roles to collectively create work over the course of this two-week residency at Earthdance.

The Collaborative Pool: a non-specified hierarchy to explore group decision-making a creation. Artists are put in touch with each other prior to the residency to begin dreaming and scheming about common threads and possible directions.

Project Director: Propose a project to direct a collaborative work of your design with the input and experience of the Generous Talent.

Generous Talent: Dive into collaborative process within the parameters of a concept designed and facilitated by a Project Director.

For more information & To Apply: http://earthdance.net/programs/air/emerge

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