! Busker’s Ball Photos !

May 24th, 2011  |  by Published in C3 news, featured, Uncategorized

Well, the Busker’s Ball was a huge success!

There was no rapture, it barely rained at all, and many people came out to support the dozens of busking acts that filled downtown Northampton with sound, color, movement, and merriment! Thank you so much to everyone who made this event such a success-  the performers, the organizers, Anne at the DPW, The Northampton Police, Thornes, and everyone who came out to support the buskers!  Here is a selection of  photos from the day, enjoy!

The Masked Man poses for a picture

The Masked Man poses for a picture

The Fortune Yeller & Sophie Wood host the Cabaret

Ben Hersey performs an epic poem/power ballad

Heartbreak Matilda Gives Tango Dances for a Dime

The Fortune Yeller performs a “psychic reading”

The Cunninghams busk their hearts out

Oceana hands out a map at one of the four main Busker’s Ball locations

Dancers performed a site-specific dance piece

The Mockingbirds improvise songs on the street

Tanner Slick makes his marrionettes dance to Niko & Mike’s music

Bob Hepner’s amazing kinetic sculpture truck!

Ponyboy wooed the crowd on the corner

Ben Bois creates a collaborative peice with the public

Erin & Holdyn make art with other kids

Kyle creates quick sketches of people passing by

Ben entertains the kiddies with massive bubbles

The Busker’s Ball attracted all sorts of characters, like Cooler Man

The Four Bike Riders of the Apocalypse made an appearance, as well!


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