C3 Raises the Roof

August 1st, 2011  |  by Published in C3 news, featured

On July 6, C3 & L/A/N/D made our biggest accomplishment yet: we raised the reciprocal roof of the Gaz-arbor, the gazebo-arbor hybrid that will serve as a community gathering space used, among other things,  for potlucks, artist residencies, and as an outdoor classroom.

In addition to the “raising”, C3 set up participatory stations for the surrounding neighbors to visit.  Neighbors were invited to draw a map of where they live, tell a story about the neighborhood, and take pictures of significant places in the neighborhood.  This marked the beginning of the placemaking/map-making/traffic-calming project SEE/SAW, a daughter project of L/A/N/D.

Despite the heat, the day was a joyful celebration of  art, community, and [wo]man power.

Jackie D, newly appointed Accountant of C3, puts her math skills to good use.


Javiera, C3 collective member and Montview neighborhood resident, shares stories with Perry about her beloved home turf.

We all waited in suspense as Kathy “kicked the Charlie”, which held the roof together during the construction. When the post is gone, the roof supports itself(which luckily, it did).

Look… it stays up! All by itself!

Go C3! Go Montview! Go L/A/N/D!

The building crew!  Wow, check out those guns..

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