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Art and Sheer Audacity: Timur Bekbosunov and the Future of Opera

In this inspiration post, I am taking my hat off to new friend and colleague in the world of experimental opera, Timur Bekbosunov. Timur’s work includes his glam-opera indie/pop avant-garde band Timur and the Dime Museum (www.timurandthedimemuseum.com), his performance and collaboration in the visually lush and wonderfully garish film works of Sandra Powers (check out […]

Introducing Seth Lepore: Monologuist, Musician, Man-About-Town

After running into Seth at the Forbes Library and learning that yes, we share a mutual spirit animal (the Fox), AND receiving the honor of meeting his other spirit animal live, in-person (whose identity will be revealed in the course of this interview…), Seth was my clear choice for featured artist this week. A multi-faceted […]