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Closing EVENT for ‘mapping sites’

Welcome back Aimée Xenou and Nora Rabins as they return from their artistic adventures on the road! Come and Celebrate closing event of the art project mapping sites by Aimée Xenou, Nora Rabins & friends The event will include a Q&A, movement art, reception and auction September 30th, 7pm Oresman Gallery, Brown Fine Art Complex, […]

one [of many] ways in: an interview with ‘mapping sites’ artists Aimée Xenou and Nora Rabins

LAST WEEK, I had the opportunity to sit down with artists Aimée Xenou and Nora Rabins to learn a bit more about their project mapping sites. While both artists identify themselves as sculptors, this project moves well beyond classical notions of studio art. The central aspect of this fascinating and complex project will be a […]

Let Yourself Be Moved…by the work of Candice Salyers

  If, sometime soon, you round a corner in Northampton and find a woman lying on the ground outlined in chalk don’t stop and gawk or rush by in horror. You many have just happened upon a performance work by Candice Salyers. Thus, you may have just been offered the opportunity to take a moment, […]